drum-major-on-podiumSince 1989, the California Leadership Academy has become the pacesetter for training student leaders of the most successful bands in Southern California.

What directors tell us:

“The kids help spread such a postive attitude through the band…”

“Woo hoo! I sent my kids last week. They came back changed people. Thanks guys!”
Mark de la Vega – Band Director, Pete Night HS

“Thanks again for providing this opportunity for our students. The Tesoro program has certainly benefitted from this experience.”
Andrew Magana, Tesoro Music Director

What the kids tell us:

“This has been one of the most influential few days of my life. I feel as though I can come out of here and be a better leader and better person.”

“I attended CLA 3 times, and I became a much better leader 3 times… this camp unlocked my potential in ways I could never even stick the key in. Thank you all so much. Your impact is infinite.”
LS, Costa Mesa HS

“I’m so excited and inspired and motivated for my next season. It is crazy what changes can happen in 3 days, and I thank everyone for that.”
BV, San Clemente HS

Leadership and Growth in Music